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                        Plug and play electrical installation on board



                        • Reliable operation ensuring safety of people transported.
                        • Reduced volume, weight and installation time whilst improving performance.
                        • No maintenance for perfect service continuity.
                        • Easy upgrading and extension of the installation.
                          Plug and play electrical installation on board 


                        From centralised to decentralised electrical distribution, allowing optimisation of main switchboard size by supplying:

                        • All decks with Canalis KS risers.
                        • All cabins with Canalis KN installed in the suspended ceilings.
                        • Lighting with KDP installed in the suspended ceilings.

                        Value Proposition

                        • Safe and reliable operation from a prefabricated and factory-tested system: a manufacturer's guarantee avoiding all installation defects.
                        • An offer which is compliant with IEC 60439 - 2, certified by third party labs, and type - approved by major classification societies: BV, GL, DNV and ABS.
                        • Volume, weight and installation time reduced by half whilst improving performances:
                          - compact size ensuring space saving with respect to cables.
                          - with aluminium conductors lighter than copper.
                          - prefabricated design with plug-in components ensuring simpler and quicker installation without need of specific skills and tools.

                        Differentiation Factors

                        • Safety: Halogen-free product, reduced calorific value, a fire barrier solution tested between all decks, RoHS-compliant.
                        • Flexibility: Possible addition of future loads with power on, ease of cabin adaptation according to customers' varying needs, ease of upgrading of lighting circuits in event of change of room use.
                        • Maintenance free: Canalis enhances installation legibility and maintainability, all electrical contacts are made of elastic and require no maintenance.



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