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                        Integrated Security Solutions



                        Securing your people and assets is critical to the success of any organisation. Businesses need to comply with security regulations, reduce risk, mitigate liability, protect revenue streams, and reduce operating costs and insurance premiums.

                            Integrated Security Solutions 


                        With wide ranging building management integration and interfaces at every level of our systems, Schneider Electric offers some of the most comprehensive security solutions on the market. Due to our scalable architecture, and secure, open networks, the system can be cost effectively expanded as needed. The scalable Schneider Electric Security Domain architecture permits a simple one- or two-door access control systems to be expanded to an enterprise-wide, multi-site integrated security management system with large numbers of doors, cameras, fire alarm points and intrusion detection sensors.

                        The Schneider Electric security management system goes well beyond traditional security systems in its integrated approach. By combining everything from video monitoring to access control, intrusion detection, fire safety and emergency lighting, we deliver a more comprehensive view of your security landscape. For example, you can create reports for any event, with details down to the exact access point, so you can troubleshoot security breaches more effectively, or you can recognize and correct faulty equipment more rapidly than before. You can also connect security systems with personnel information and recorded video, so you know exactly who accessed what areas and when.




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                        Value Proposition

                        • A user-friendly dashboard decreases training time. Security personnel can rapidly learn to understand and operate the multiple security systems which are represented on this interface.
                        • A shared infrastructure lowers installation and expansion costs and provides the platform for integrating not only security systems, but also other building management systems.
                        • Integration enables security components to serve more than one function. A motion sensor which detects intrusion during unoccupied hours can also save energy by controlling lighting and temperature based on occupancy status.
                        • An integrated system delivers highly effective security coverage, and efficiency and effectiveness in meeting customers' needs.
                        • The security team has actionable information in the form of an audit trail that aids in proof of loss and ultimately in prosecution. The audit trail includes video records that law enforcement personnel may employ in visually identifying perpetrators.
                        • Solutions are vendor-agnostic. Therefore, customers have a choice in the selection of the best-in-class security products which comprise their solutions.
                        • Our integrated systems are delivered by one vendor, Schneider Electric. The company holds single-source responsibility for the entire system.
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