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                        Highly reliable and available Ship Management System



                        • The objective of lowering operational costs including reduction of crew on more sophisticated ships leads to global control and monitoring on board for optimised servicing of fleets.
                        • Requested reduction of carbon emission requires better management of the energy chain from providers to consumers.
                           Highly reliable and available Ship Management System 


                        • This highly available solution controls and supervises the main systems of the ship by providing: alarm management, power management, auxiliaries and fluid management as main engine cooling, lubrication circuit, ballast, bilge, compressed air, fuel & oil, fire fighting pumps and fresh water.
                        • Supervision, control and optimisation of the generators (load sharing).
                        • Supervision of main engines, including exhaustive alarms and diagnostics.

                        Value Proposition

                        • A secured architecture, full supervision and control of main systems at several locations in the ship, ensures completely reliable ship management by efficient crew.
                        • For higher availability and fast response time, the dedicated compact and hardened PLC achieves an efficient and optimised Power Management System (PMS) for generators allows 20% energy saving.
                        • Redundant SCADA servers and PLCs for 100% availability at first fault.



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                        Global Supervision

                        • Monitor Pro~PCVUE
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