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                        Global Marine Service

                        Challenges   Global Marine Service 
                        More ships are equipped with different types of Schneider Electric equipment and it is important that they are maintained to their best operating condition throughout their journey. Even we cannot predict dreak downs, we offer a preventive solution to help you avoid downtime.


                        The objective of the Global Marine Service:

                        • provide ship owners with solutions to their service requirements and a preventive maintenance program to maximise their fleet operations.
                        • provide technical support on all electrical and automation equipment installed on board.
                        • provide global coverage for service intervention managed via International Service Request to the next Port of call.
                        • track and manage Global service with Installed Base Service Request tool (IBSR) in real time, anytime and anywhere in the world.
                        • 24/7 online technical support.

                        Value Proposition

                        For ship owners and ship operators:

                        • reduce the cost of mobilisation required for on board intervention by more than 50%.
                        • decrease the number of electrical distribution and automation service suppliers from several service partners to one-stop solution service provider.
                        • access to 24/7 online technical support with real time updated information using IBSR tool.
                        • presence in more than 30 countries, serving more than 200 major seaports and harbours.
                        • large pool of electrical and automation services competencies.

                        Differentiation Factors

                        Worldwide Services Network with Electrical and Automation competencies.




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                        Global Supervision

                        • Schneider Managed Services~Schneider Managed Services
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