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                        Compact MV and LV Solution for ships



                        • Increase supply to medium voltage electrical system on board whilst keeping the compact solution.
                        • People safety and high operational quality level are  priorities for the main oil and petrochemical companies.
                        • Single customer interface for the electrical distribution system on board.
                           Compact MV & LV Solution for ships as large Shuttle Tankers


                        • A complete package of Medium Voltage (MV) and Low Voltage (LV) electrical distribution for ships as large Shuttle Tankers to address compacity and customised customer requirements.

                        Value Proposition

                        • Expertise in MV engineering for ship designers.
                        • Integrated total solution from MV Switchgear to LV Switchboard with seamless connection.
                        • Footprint reduction by 30% on motor starter function (e.g. for motorpact cells with DOL + 4 cascade soft starter).
                        • 24/7 worldwide service support.

                        Differentiation Factors

                        • Type Tested Assembly (TTA) equipment: MCSet, MotorPact and MB301M to ensure maximum people safety and operation reliability.
                        • Consistent offer from MV to LV electrical distribution.



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