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              Consultancy Solutions


              Schneider Electric Consultancy solutions  

              Unscheduled downtime can lead to huge revenue losses and damage to your brand and reputation.

              Our highly experienced engineering consultancy team understand the dynamics of your sector - we’ll work with you to develop and deploy a suite of cutting-edge solutions to improve system reliability and risk management. As well as reducing the financial risk of downtime, we can impact positively on your bottom line through our specialist energy efficiency team.

              We deliver individually tailored solutions, achieving the most efficient solution from the outset avoiding unnecessary delays and unplanned costs. Additionally, our team can work alongside your own design teams or appointed contractors, filling skills gaps and offering our specialist knowledge. As our team is based around the UK we can be deployed at short notice.

              The list below is indicative of areas we have advised on in recent projects. If you have a specific need please contact us for an initial discussion:

              Electrical network design 
              Design of system using latest standards and technology to achieve the highest levels of safety and system reliability.

              MP4 auditing and diagnostics 
              Models network and reviews network reliablility, equipment, management and processes.

              Protection studies 
              Modelling and detailed review of equipment design, settings and protection philosophy.

              Installation audits 
              Detailed review of all installed equipment and assesses reliability and serviceability of switchgear.

              Network reliability studies 
              Network and critical path modelling to optimise reliability and costs.

              Fault level assessment 
              Modelling of existing network layout and cable sizes to identify reliability issues via calculation of peak, make and break fault levels.

              Effective power quality and extended equipment life through harmonic analysis and mitigation.

              Control system design 
              Functional design specification of control system and required products.

              Power transformer assessment 
              Audit of transformer condition, suitable for oil and cast resin up to 33KV.

              Electrical contingency planning 
              Detailed report of the selection of switchgear, single line diagrams and how to reinstate power quickly.
              Embedded Energy Manager
              An Energy Manager will be placed onsite for an agreed period of time in order to identify and implement energy efficiency opportunities.

              Energy management programme
              Develop and deploy an energy saving campaign to employees.

              Monitoring and Targeting Bureau
              We will monitor your energy usage, analyse the data and provide simple intuitive user friendly reports, allowing the data to be used as a management tool.

              Energy Legislation Services
              Guide you through recent legislation including the Climate Change Programme, Emissions Trading Scheme, Energy Performance of Buildings Directive.

              Energy Strategy Development
              Develop an energy strategy that will devise an energy policy then implement and set up a monitoring process.

              Short Energy Audit
              Low cost energy survey of buildings or processes which in themselves do not warrant a full, extended energy survey.

              Detailed energy audit
              Entails an in-depth investigation into all aspects of energy consumption resulting in the production of a detailed audit and accurately costed savings using proven technologies.

              Communication networks
              Ensure maximum performance from your communication network with design, installation and certification from Microsoft and Cisco certified experts.

              Building & Industrial automation design

              Analysis of required products and communications systems needed to implement the control system and estimated payback periods for the control equipment required to achieve targets.

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