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                        Industry essential training courses


                        Industry Distributor Training - Course Details

                        We offer a range of courses to meet all skill levels, from basic product knowledge through to complete solutions training. Furthermore courses can be adapted to meet the needs of the company to ensure the most is taken from each session.

                        To book one of these course on the fixed dates as shown simply select your course and click Book course.

                        If you would prefer you can arrange a course to your timescale and/or at your premises. To arrange this please contact us or call 0870 608 8 608. We can also arrange courses not shown.

                        Course Code Date Location
                        Essential Motor Power Control & Protection

                        (1 day)
                        IA20 09/05/2013








                        Potters Bar



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                        Essential VSD and Soft Starts IA23 22/05/2013 Coventry Book >
                        (1 day)   26/09/2013 Leeds Book >

                        Pick & Mix - Advanced Technical


                        Our advanced technical courses are bespoke courses designed and built around your requirements. Courses can be a fixed format on a specific area, a “Pick & Mix” modular format, Q & A sessions or whatever format suits your needs best.

                        All our advanced technical courses are chargeable

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