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                            The most comprehensive range of Support Contracts in the UK today. With the latest in non-intrusive technology and with even quicker response times, welcome to peace of mind.

                            Automation Support Contracts

                            Our Secure range of Automation Support Contracts can work to minimise the risk of unplanned outages, together with the service support and technical expertise that you’d expect from one of the world’s leading automation equipment manufacturers.

                            > Learn more on Automation Support Contracts

                            Electrical Distribution Support Contracts

                            Our Advantage range of Electrical Distribution Support Contracts address the criticality of keeping your MV & LV switchgear running, bringing structure to your planned maintenance and giving peace of mind during the times when you need it most.

                            > Learn more on Electrical Distribution Support Contracts

                            Power Monitoring Expert (PME) Support Contracts

                            All Power Management systems provided by Schneider Electric are offered a PME Support Contract at the end of the installation phase. The PME Support Contract provides the customer with continuing support for their system combined with regular maintenance visits.

                            There are two levels of service – Standard and Enhanced. Each can be tailored to specific site needs. For pure monitoring systems the Standard service suffices, for Power Control projects an Enhanced contract is offered. PME Support Contract Enhanced clients have a dedicated support phone number which routes through to the engineer on call, providing a 24/7 cover.

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