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                          Service in a Box

                          Have you purchased "Service in a Box"?


                          Service in a box 

                          This area is dedicated to you. Feel free to visit this regularly to be kept up to date and learn more about our complete range of complementary services, from spares & repairs through to consultancy, all designed to help you keeping your business processes running.

                          Below we have collected relevant documents and videos that explain other services available to you.

                          Control Systems Migration


                          Here are a series of documents that discuss what options are available to you when considering migrating a legacy system to our current products (based on a Unity platform).

                          The right services at the right phase

                          > Upgrade your Modicon Compact 984 PLC
                          > Upgrade to Modicon PLC while retaining your 984 ladder logic programming
                          > Modicon 584 migration
                          > SY/Max (Model 200 to 600) Migration
                          > TSX (47 to 107) Migration

                          Maintenance and Modernisation Consultancy


                          Our audit services will analyse your existing automation equipment and processes.

                          Modicon Migration

                          > Anaylse your existing control system and make the right decision


                          Monitor Pro SCADA migration


                          Upgrade your obsolete Monitor pro package with the assistance of our Software Modernisation Competency Centre (SMCC).

                          Read more in the following brochure...

                          > Monitor Pro Modernisation brochure

                          Maintenance, repair, and operations


                          Find out how we can provide you with factory based spares repairs or exchanges for our own legacy PLC, HMI & Variable Speed Drive brands direct from us.

                          Read more on the following page...

                          > Spares, repairs and exchange

                          Contact us 

                          To know more

                          To know more 

                          Additional support

                          Contact Schneider Electric
                          For additional help or to contact us, visit customer services

                          Risk assess your installed base in 3 minutes

                          Risk assess your installed base in 3 minutes

                          Take action today to protect your business from the risks associated with automation system failure. 


                          Case studies