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                            Power Monitoring Expert (PME)

                            Support Contracts

                            Power Monitoring Expert (PME) Support Contracts

                            With the backdrop of rising energy prices and the challenge of budgets are shrinking, the need for efficiency, control and reliability become paramount. Technology choices are increasing, legislation is more prevalent, more than ever energy efficiency and critical power are integral to the performance of eneterprises and overall business performance.

                            So what's the answer?


                            All Power Management systems provided by Schneider Electric are offered a PME Support Contract at the end of the installation phase. D24

                            There are two levels of service – Standard and Enhanced. Each can be tailored to specific site needs. For pure monitoring systems the Standard service suffices, for Power Control projects an Enhanced contract is offered. PME Support Contract Enhanced clients have a dedicated support phone number which routes through to the engineer on call, providing a 24/7 cover.

                            Software Assurance is supplied as a supplement to the PME Support Contract. With Power Monitoring Software the client has peace of mind that their system has the latest version installed or available.

                            Today we have in excess of 70 sites covered by a PME Support Contract, increasing daily as new sites go on line. It not only provides our clients with peace of mind that their power management system is fully operational but also increases the value obtained from the system.


                            Your benefits

                            We are a leading supplier of Power & Energy management systems that provide power performance planning, energy monitoring and targeting, power reliability, quality analysis and control of electrical distribution networks.
                            With 15 years of experience in the Power Metering and Monitoring industry, we have the people, knowledge and skills necessary to implement all of your Energy Management Systems.

                            If electrical utility usage, distribution planning and power quality are important to your business, we can provide you with a bespoke solution in order for you to make the most of your energy!

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