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                          Support Contracts for Automation


                          If your automation system was to fail, the consequences could be very expensive and time-consuming, not to mention the impact on your business. The hourly rate for outages varies across industries, but the costs quickly make significant inroads into your profits.

                          So what’s the answer?

                          Our Secure range of automation support contracts minimises the risk of unplanned outages. You’ll have complete peace of mind knowing that should you experience a failure, you’re in safe hands and will be up and running as quickly as possible.

                          Base Secure contract includes:

                          • 24/7 telephone support
                          • One engineer day per year
                          • Reduced daily rates for any extra engineer days

                          Other custom components of the offer include:

                          • On-site spares with back-up stock held at our national operations centre in the Midlands
                          • Guaranteed engineer response to site time
                          • Software subscriptions included
                          • Option to pre-book engineer days

                          Your benefits

                          • Our engineers on hand 24/7, 365 days/year
                          • The right spares available on site, with replacement of failed parts within 24 hours
                          • Risk assess your installed base of PLCs, HMIs and Drives and highlight items which are obsolete now, and those which will become obsolete in the next few years
                          • Response to breakdown. Choose from the following:
                            • Next Working Day - call by 2pm - an engineer will be on-site on the morning of the next working day
                            • Next Day - includes weekends and bank holidays
                            • Same Day - agreed response time
                          • Software subscriptions can be included in the contract. Providing:
                            • Access to real time product and software information
                            • Updates, technical support and downloads ensuring optimum performance and equipment operation
                            • Searchable knowledge databases
                            • The ability to create and track your own technical cases
                          • Only one purchase order required per year – no hidden costs
                          • Protection for your original investment

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                          To know more 

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