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Power Management


                          Make a safe choice with SmartSwitch – the next generation in remote control panels


                          SmartSwitch is an electronic remote control panel that allows the user to operate breakers on a switchboard from a safe distance, either away from the equipment, or outside of the switch room. SmartSwitch offers more features than standard hard-wired remote control panels:

                          • The ability to act as a central alarm panel for switchboard, showing detailed alarms from your Sepams.
                          • Keeping a record of when breakers are opened or closed by the operator.
                          • Events are recorded in an alarm summary.
                          • Graphical interface of the switchboard.
                          • A web page shows the same data as Schneider Electric’s Magelis HMI.
                          • The unit contains a back up battery to provide standby power for one hour.

                          To enhance SmartSwitch, there are a range of other options available including;

                          • 16 digital outputs, which can be used and configured for additional alarms in the switch room.
                          • SMS notification to a mobile phone when an alarm is present.
                          • Email notifications can be set up to alert you when an alarm occurs.
                          • The ability to interface with your Building Management System or SCADA

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