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Power Management

                          PC Mimic Diagram - PCMD

                          A simple approach to electrical network management


                          PC Mimic is a PC based software tool that allows a simple model of a customer’s electrical network to be created.

                          • Interactive mimic diagram enables users to gain and maintain familiarity with the distribution system for which they are responsible.
                          • Electrical status of sections of the network are immediately visible (live/dead/earthed/faulty).
                          • Observe the effects that operation of distribution switchgear have on the network.
                          • Use PCMD to rehearse the application of a safe system of work for both planned tasks (such as maintenance) and unplanned tasks (such as fault finding).
                          • Enables objective assessment of an individual’s competence in network operation.
                          PC Mimic Diagram
                          • Switching lists are prepared accurately and consistently with minimal effort.
                          • Easy editing of the network diagram to incorporate new equipment or to set up temporary arrangements.

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