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                          Automation and Control spare parts

                          Direct from the original manufacturer

                          Schneider Electric Spares


                          We offer factory based repairs and spare parts for our own legacy PLC & Variable Speed Drive brands including:

                          • Modicon
                          • Telemecanique
                          • Square D
                          • Merlin Gerin
                          • AEG

                          As original manufacturers, we will provide you with:

                          • Fast repair service to reduce your downtime
                          • Guaranteed and warranted replacements
                          • An exchange service
                          • FREE 12 month guarantee
                          • Quality assurances – repaired by us, the manufacturer
                          • Fixed price for repairs or exchanges*

                          *Except for variable speed drives

                          For added peace of mind, we can also offer bespoke annual secure support contracts, offering the following:

                          • On-site spares using our back-up stock 
                          • Guaranteed engineer response time to site 
                          • 24 x 7 telephone technical support
                          • Software subscriptions
                          • Option to book extra engineer days

                          > Automation PLC systems

                          Current Schneider Electric ranges:
                          M168; M238; M258; Twido; Micro-TSX 37; Momentum; Premium – TSX57; Quantum; Concept; Unity Pro; PL7

                          Legacy Telemecanique TSX series 7
                          Nano-TSX07; TSX11/21; TSX17; TSX27; TSX47; TSX67; TSX87; TSX107; TSX 60/80/90; XTEL

                          Legacy Modicon
                          Micro; Compact; 184/384; 484; 584; 884; 984; Modsoft; ProWORX/Plus; ProWORX NxT; ProWORX 32

                          Legacy AEG
                          A010, A020, Micro, A120, A130, A250, A350, A500, ALD, DOLOG B/AKF

                          Legacy SY/MAX ranges
                          SyMAX 100; SyMax 400; SyMax 500; SyMAX 600; SyMAX 700; SyMAX 300; SyMAX 50; SyMAX 1IDEC; SyMate

                          Legacy APRIL ranges
                          April 2000/3000; April SMC; April PB; April 5000/7000; Orphee; CDE Soft; VP Soft


                          > Human Machine Interfaces

                          Graphic Terminals – Magelis
                          XBTGT; XBTGK; HMISTO; HMISTU; XBTN; XBTR; XBTRT; XBTG; Vijeo designer

                          Magelis industrialised PCs
                          Smart; Compact; Modular; Flex

                          Legacy terminals
                          XBT-A-B-C-D; XBT M-K; XBT V; XBT H&P; XBTE; XBT HM & PM; XBT F; TXBTF; TCCX17; Panelmate; XBTL900; XBTL1000


                          > AC Drive/Soft starters

                          AC Drive low end ranges
                          ATV15; ATV08; ATV11; ATV12; ATV21; ATV212

                          AC Drive mid ranges
                          ATV16; ATV18; ATV25; ATV28; ATV31; ATV312; ATV32; Xtravert

                          AC Drive high end ranges
                          ATV45/452; ATV66; ATV38; ATV58; ATV68; ATV61/71 <110kw ATV61/71> 110kw ATV61 Plus/71 Plus ATV1000; ATV110; ATV78; ELVOVERT SD400; ELOVERT UR-I; ELOVERT MX400/500; ELOVERT MX700; ELOVERT MXbasic/plus; ELOVERT MX Top; STV64; ASD; MKI/MKII/ASDi/MDi; UD3; MF3/MV3<70A; UDi/MFi/MVi>70A ME/UE Elite

                          Soft starters – Altistart
                          ATS01; ATS22; ATS23; ATS46; ATS48; RVS/RVSi/RVSF/RVSx


                          > Supervisory control and data acquisition

                          SCADA servers
                          Vijeo Citect; Vijeo look; Monitor 77; CitectSCADA; Monitor Pro; Monitor OCS; Modicon FactoryMate


                          > DC Drive/Motion control

                          DC – Rectivar
                          RTV44; RTV 541/641; RTV74/84; DCV94/104

                          Motion control – controller

                          Motion control - drives
                          LXM05; LXM15; LXM17; LXM23; LXM32; LXMSD3; Twinline

                          Motion control – motors
                          SER; USM/DSM/TSM; BDH; BCH; BSH; BMH; BRH; BPH; VRDM5; VRDM3; BRS3; ExRDM39

                          Motion control (Drive & Motor)
                          MASAP; Modicon Motion Cyberlink

                          To know more

                          To know more 

                          Additional support

                          Contact Schneider Electric
                          For additional help or to contact us, visit customer services