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MV Distribution & Energy Automation

                  Sepam series 40 -  Sepam Protection relays

                  Simplicity and performance, headed in the right direction

                  Merlin Gerin
                  Protection relays for demanding applications - Sepam series 40
                  Protect your power system with full peace of mind using Sepam protection relays.
                  • 20 years of experience in digital relays
                  • A consistent range of relays organized according to applications


                  • S40, S41, S42:substation incomers and feeders protection
                  • T40, T42: transformer protection
                  • M41:motor protection
                  • G40:generator protection

                  Digital protection relays for current and voltage protection, for any distribution system.

                  The Sepam series 40 includes 7 types of Sepam. One type of Sepam is dedicated to one application.

                  • types of User-Machine Interface
                  • 4 current inputs
                  • 3 voltage inputs
                  • 10 logic inputs 8
                  •  relay outputs
                  • Logic equation editor
                  • 1 Modbus communication port
                  • 16 temperature sensor inputs

                  You can configure, log and display real-time data and trend plots remotely using an EGX300, the embedded web pages will allow you to view real-time and historical information from multiple locations via any Microsoft-compatible web browser without any additional software. You can automatically email or FTP selected logged data to your PC for additional analysis.


                  Contractual warranty

                  Period : 2 years


                  Sepam with integrated advanced UMI



                  Sepam with remote advanced UMI


                  Sepam with basic UMI

                  Simplicity and performance, headed in the right direction