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MV Distribution & Energy Automation

                    Motorpact -  Medium voltage Motor Control Center

                    A dazzling feeder for winning solutions

                    Merlin Gerin
                    Motor Control Center up to 7.2 kV  - Motorpact
                    • Full safety:fully tested to internal arc withstand, safe compartimented to prevent inadvertent access…
                    • Maintenability:high endurance, thermal diagnosis system for predictive maintenance
                    • Reliability:simple architecture providing simple and robust interlock, pre-engineered solutions providing proven designs for the full ranges of motor applications
                    • Compactness and flexibility:one design allowing front, rear top and bottom cables entries, and extension to other Schneider Electric Equipment.


                    • Compressor, pump
                    • Ventilator, conveyor
                    • Crusher
                    • ...

                    MV motor starter with vacuum contactor up to 7.2 kV

                    • Motorpact motor starter range with fused vacuum contactors : for motors up to 3800 kW at 7,2 kV
                    • Designed and manufactured to tackle the toughest power and process control challenges, our motor starter feature industry-first innovations that provide unmatched performance, high reliability, low maintenance and exclusive technologies.
                    • Performances:
                    . Technology:Vacuum
                    . Standard : IEC/NEMA
                    . Rated voltage:7.2 kV
                    . Busbar system:Single
                    . Rated current busbar:3150A
                    . Rated operational current:200/400A
                    . Rated peak withstand current:50 kA
                    . Internal Arc Classification:AFLR 25kA/1s - 40kA/0.5s- 50kA/0.25s
                    . Loss of service continuity : LSC 2A
                    . Partition class:PI


                    A dazzling feeder for winning solutions