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                                  Safety Chain Selector

                                  Reduce cost and machine design time thanks to the help of our "Safety Chain Solutions"


                                  Schneider Electric provides you the means to get started on your machine adaptation of the new functional standards by using our certified ‘Safety Chain Solutions': a safety application example, based in a combination of interoperating products to realize a safety function, that includes an approved principle diagram and the correspondent safety level calculation.

                                  They allow you to save time and cost in obtaining the machine certificate according to the new European Machinery Directive by including it like a complementary documentation.

                                  They can be easily selected, according to your safety level and application required, by means of our safety selector tool. 

                                  Safety chain selection tool

                                  (*) Determination of the Performance Level requested (PLr)

                                  This determination could be done using the risk graph (see figure).

                                  S = Severity of injury
                                  S1 = Slight (normally reversible injury)
                                  S2 = Serious (normally irreversible) injury including death

                                  F = Frequency and/or exposure time to the hazard
                                  F1 = Seldom to less often and/or the exposure time is short
                                  F2 = Frequent to continuous and/or the exposure time is long

                                  P = Possibility of avoiding the hazard or limiting the harm
                                  P1 = Possible under specific conditions
                                  P2 = Scarcely possible

                                  L = Low contribution to risk reduction
                                  H = High contribution to risk reduction


                                  (**) Categories of safety stop

                                  International standard EN/ISO 13850 specifies the functional requirements and design principles of emergency stop devices.

                                  It applies to all machines, whatever type of energy is used to control this function.

                                  The standard allows two types of stop:

                                  • Category 0 : stopping by immediate cutting-off of power or mechanical disconnection between the dangerous components,
                                  • Category 1 stop: controlled stopping with power maintained to the actuator to achieve stopping (braking for example),
                                    then cut-off of power when standstill is reached.

                                  The choice between these two stopping methods is determined by an evaluation of the machine-related risks.

                                  To know more

                                  To know more 

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                                  Machine Safety Guide

                                  Machine Safety Guide
                                  To help you understand the new Machinery Directive, we have produced an comprehensive
                                  Safe Machinery Guide (PDF) 

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