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                                  Component Reliability Downloads


                                  Machine Safety Reliability Downloads

                                  SISTEMA PL verification tool for BS EN ISO 13849-1


                                  To support the EN ISO 13849-1 standard, BGIA, the German Institute for Occupational Health, has developed SISTEMA, a free-to-download software utility that developers and testers can use to evaluate the safety of the machine in the context of the standard.

                                  The tool permits the designer to model the structure of the safety –related control components based on the designated architectures of the standard, permitting automated calculation of the reliability values with various levels of detail, including that of the attained PL

                                  Schneider Electric MTTFd Library

                                  Using SISTEMA, relevant risk parameters are entered step-by-step into input dialogs. Each parameter change is reflected immediately on the user interface together with its impact on the whole system.

                                  Schneider Electric publishes software libraries for its safety components which contain relevant reliability data, such as MTTFd. This can be imported into SISTEMA and combined, the two eliminate time-consuming consultation of tables and calculation of formulae and the final results can be printed out in a summary document.

                                  Step by Step instructions...

                                  1. Download SISTEMA software from the IFA website
                                  2. Install the SISTEMA software
                                  3. Download the Schneider Electric SISTEMA Library
                                  4. Open the Library file in the SISTEMA software


                                  B10 Technical Data


                                  B10 is associated with electromechanical components. The failure rates of electromechanical safety input devices (such as guard interlock switches) and output devices (such as contactors) depend upon the hourly actuation rate which is application specific, but designers can use manufacturer's B10 or B10d data with known machine data to arrive at MTTFd or PFHD when verifying PL or SIL.

                                  B10 Technical Data

                                  Download this document to view Schneider Electric's B10 data for pushbuttons, safety switches, contactors and other electromechanical components used in safety circuits, to help you verify your safety circuits meet the required PL or SIL.

                                  B10 Technical Data >

                                  MTTFd and PFHD Table


                                  MTTFd (Mean Time To Dangerous Failure) is the average period before the failure of the components used in the safety circuit and is used in BS EN ISO 13849-1 (together with circuit category, and diagnostic coverage) to verify performance level (PL). PFHD (Probabililty of dangerous failure per hour) is referred to in BS EN 62061 as a measure of the dependability of a component, subsystem or entire safety system/circuit, and it is used in conjunction with other data to verify safety integrity level (SIL).

                                  MTTFd and PFHD Table

                                  Download this document to see Schneider Electric's reliability data for safety relays, safety controllers and safety PLCs, to help you verify your safety circuits meet the required PL or SIL.

                                  MTTFd and PFHD Reliability Data Sheet >
                                  To know more

                                  To know more 

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                                  Machine Safety Guide

                                  Machine Safety Guide
                                  To help you understand the new Machinery Directive, we have produced an comprehensive
                                  Safe Machinery Guide (PDF) 

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                                  Machine Safety Products

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