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                                    Machine Safety Products

                                    Preventa offer


                                    One provider for the complete safety chain

                                    Reduce cost on your safety machine applications through only one automation and complete safety chain provider.

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                                    Preventa Protective devices used as part of safeguarding systems to control the access under specific conditions of reduces risk

                                    Preventa Light curtains and safety mats to detect approach to dangerous and limited areas

                                    Preventa Two hand control stations and enabling switches for starting and enabling of dangerous movements
                                    Generic protective measures – Emergency stop




                                      Monitor and processing

                                        Preventa Safety relays modules with a specific safety function to monitor input signals from safety devices and to interface with contactors and drives by switch off the output safety contacts
                                      Preventa Safety controller: configurable safety device capable of centralized a generic range of safety monitoring functions
                                      Preventa Safety PLC’s: programmable electronic systems to carry out safety or non-safety related tasks for machinery and equipment

                                      AS-i Safety at work: safety field bus network certified to work with safety devices to provide safety functions







                                        Stop the machine

                                          Contactors to cut-off the electrical power supply to the motors.Main pole mechanically linked to mirror auxiliary contacts integrated for the feedback loop diagnosis
                                        of safety modules.
                                        Variable Speed drives controlled stopping of the dangerous movement by safety certified power removal function integrated.

                                        Rotary switch disconnectors for equipment isolation from the electrical supply and for emergency stop by direct interruption of the power supply.







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                                          To know more 

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                                          Machine Safety Guide

                                          Machine Safety Guide
                                          To help you understand the new Machinery Directive, we have produced an comprehensive
                                          Safe Machinery Guide (PDF) 

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                                          Machine Safety Guide

                                          Machine Safety Guide

                                          Machine Safety Support

                                          Machine Safety Support