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                                    News and infomation about changes to new and existing electrical legislation and standards. Learn how Schneider Electric products and services can help you to achieve compliant and future-proof installations. From government legislation to established best practice; Schneider Electric has information and solutions that can help.

                                    Machinery Safety Directive

                                    Here you will learn about the new machinery directive to help you provide workers with machines that are safe, legal and efficient.

                                    > Learn about the changes in our safe machinery guide
                                    > Browse our comprehensive machinery safety component range
                                    > Machinery safety FAQ's
                                    > Supporting safety component reliability data
                                    > Choose the right solution with the help of our safety chain selector 

                                    New Machinery Directive

                                    IEC 61439 Standards

                                    We recognised the limits of IEC 60349 and proposed a radical review. Having been closely involved in developing the IEC 61439 standards, we are also experts in its application.

                                          > Learn about the changes in our guide
                                          > Our IEC 61439 product offer makes life easy
                                          > Get your questions answered
                                          > IEC 61439 - our support for you 

                                    IEC 61439 Standards

                                    17th Edition Wiring Regulations

                                    This is an area where both electricians and other industry professionals can easily access information about the 17th edition wiring regulations.

                                    > Browse our 17th edition regulation guides and discover what has changed
                                    > Test you knowledge using our interactive 17th edition test 
                                    > Gain support with Schneider Electric's dedicated 17th edition training courses 

                                    17th Edition Wiring Regulations

                                    Electricity at Work Regulations (1989)

                                    When it comes to running your business, the Electricity at Work Regulations (1989) can have a large impact on what you can and can’t do. It is the ‘duty of every employer to comply with the provision of these Regulations’, so it is clearly important that you understand them.  But with so many pressures on your time and working lives, we know it can be hard to commit to learning about all the different rules and regulations.

                                    However, a helping hand is available through Schneider Electric’s Power Consultancy offer.

                                    Electricity at Work Regulations (1989)
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                                    To know more 

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                                    Machine Safety Guide

                                    Machine Safety Guide
                                    To help you understand the new Machinery Directive, we have produced an comprehensive
                                    Safe Machinery Guide (PDF) 

                                    IEC 61439 Guide

                                    IEC 61439 Guide

                                    To help with understand the new IEC 61439, we have produced an comprehensive 
                                    IEC 61439 Guide 


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