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                                  Assessment of General Characteristics


                                  Part 3, chapters 31 to 35

                                  This requires the designer and installer to make an assessment on the purpose for which the installation is to be used, any external influences which may affect the installation, continuity of service and the maintainability and compatibility of equipment.


                                  Residential Requirements


                                  The installer must consider the use of the property and any special requirements of the users.

                                  What it means
                                  The needs of the occupier should be assessed for each property, layout and use will be different for an apartment or detached house.

                                  Arrange the installation and equipment to suit the needs of the occupier and split circuits so that a fault on one circuit causes the minimum amount of problems.



                                  Commercial Requirements


                                  For the life of the installation, the design needs to cover the changing needs of the user in layout and loading.

                                  What it means
                                  Commercial properties may have a need to change requirements on a regular basis, the installation needs to be able to cope with these changes. Regular maintenance requirements should also be considered.

                                  Circuits such as ring mains need to be designed and split to ensure continuity of service and minimum disruption to the business in the event of a fault. The use of RCBO’s for individual circuits is recommended vs grouping.


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