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Electrical Distribution

                                        Low Voltage Protection

                                        A comprehensive range of products covering all aspects of electrical distribution needs. Designed to operate individually or together as part of a modern system to enhance safety for people and equipment.

                                        Miniature circuit breaker

                                        Miniature circuit breakerOur Low voltage Miniature circuit breakers for DIN rail mounting and use within Isobar 4 distribution boards.

                                        Moulded case circuit breaker

                                        Moulded case circuit breakerA compact range of low voltage moulded case circuit breakers covering every type of application from 16 to 3200A. The communications option makes it possible to control power consumption, simplify maintenance and improve operating comfort.

                                        Enclosed switchgear

                                        Enclosed switchgearOur range of traditional low voltage fuse switches can be used in both commercial and industrial applications. These are wall mounted equipment rated from 20A to 630A, single pole and three pole, which are designed to meet the needs of individual protection or switching.

                                        Air circuit breaker

                                        Air circuit breakerOur range of low voltage air circuit breakers are available from 630A up to 6300A. These offer built-in communications and metering functions, all in optimised frame sizes. They are easy to install with user-friendly intuitive operation and environment-friendly design.

                                        Residual current device

                                        Residual current deviceOur comprehensive range of low voltage Residual Current Circuit Breakers (RCCB) are for use in all applications, and available in various types for general distribution and specific loads.

                                        Surge protection

                                        Surge protectionOur modular range of low voltage surge protection devices suits the needs of both the residential, commercial & industrial sectors, meeting the international standard IEC 61643-11 class 2 test. This range comes in both fixed and withdrawable versions, 1 pole & multiple poles.

                                        Combined MCB & RCCB

                                        Combined MCB & RCCBA combined low voltage MCB/RCD combining overload, short circuit and earth leakage protection in 1 single pole device. Available in ratings from 6A to 45A type C.

                                        Switch disconnectors

                                        Switch disconnectorsSwitch-disconnectors perform control and disconnection of low voltage electrical distribution circuits in the tertiary and industrial sectors.

                                        Change over

                                        Change overTo use for switching of a main energy source to a replacement source, which can be performed either manually or automatically. Suitable in low voltage electrical installations in hospitals, banks, airports etc.