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Electrical Distribution

                                            Powerpact 4 -  Panel boards

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                                            Powerpact 4
                                            • High current ratings: Effective
                                            • Ready to install: Easy installation
                                            • Robust steel work: Durable
                                            • Uses compact breakers: Superior protection


                                            • Industrial
                                            • Commercial

                                            MCCB Panelboard


                                            This market-leading, low voltage distribution offer provides many unique features in the field of electrical distribution.   The Powerpact 4 MCCB panel board range and Powerboard are ideally suited to installations where space is restricted or few outgoing circuits are required.

                                            • Can be added to any incoming or outgoing installation should the need arise
                                            • Ratings covered are from 250A up to 1600A
                                            • Protection for incoming and outgoing devices is provided by the Compact NS or NSX range of MCCB's specifically adapted for Powerpact
                                            • May be used as a main switchboard or sub distribution board
                                            • Form 3b type 2 as standard
                                            • Use of outgoing neutral or 4 pole breakers can increase the form rating to form 4b types 2 and 6


                                            630 smp Panelboard