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Electrical Distribution

                                        Canalis KHF, KGF -  Busbar trunking high power

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                                        Busbar trunking for distribution 1000 to 6300A (Air insulated) - Canalis KHF, KGF
                                        • Flexible:possibility to install a feeder right where it is needed and without interruption
                                        • Safety:a fool-proofed system avoids a unit being installed or removed
                                        • Dismantled, re-used and and entirely recyclable


                                        • Office and hospital buildings
                                        • Shopping centers, airports and exhibition centers
                                        • Car industry and industrial buildings
                                        • Data Centers

                                        Busbars trunking for distribution 1000 to 6300A (air insulated)

                                        • Canalis KHF and KGF are designed for transporting and distributing electrical power, from 1000 to 6300A.
                                        • Technical characteristics:
                                        - Busbar trunking rated current KHF:
                                        1000 to 5500A, aluminium conductors
                                        - Busbar trunking rated current KGF:
                                        1600 to 6300A, copper conductors
                                        -Tap-off unit rated current:50 to 1000A
                                        -Rated insulation voltage:750V
                                        -Number of conductors:3L+PE, 3L+N/2+PE, 3L+N+PE, 3L+N+PER ( PER = reinforced PE)
                                        -Protection index:IP31, IPxxC, IK08 sprinkler resistant
                                        - Enclosure type :Ral 7032 painted sheet steel
                                        - Dimensions: 166X166mm to 166x454mm
                                        - Run sections:3m and 5m or made to measure:1m to 3m
                                        - Compliance with standards:IEC 60439-2