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Energy Efficiency

                    Voltage Optimisation (VO) Calculator

                    Reduce your energy consumption, decrease your carbon emissions and assess your return on investment.

                    With energy prices continuing to rise and government taxation increasing, assessing business returns will become even more important.  Our VO solution will enable you to optimise the voltage used within your installation and save energy, money and the environment whilst potentially reducing maintenance costs.

                    Let our calculator show you what can be saved and returned based on some simple information:

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                    To know more 

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                    • Standard voltage optimisation solution     
                    • Normal voltage level 242V Optimised voltage level 220V AC single phase    
                    • CO2 emissions based on conversion factor 0.529 tones/kWh/Year    
                    • ROI includes reduction in CCL and CRC taxation    
                    • ROI includes product supply, installation and commissioning 

                    Voltage optimisation equipment


                    Smartphone and Tablet App

                    Download our smartphone and tablet version of the VO Calculator via the app stores below...

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