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                                              Electrical Distribution

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                                              Schneider Electric, the global specialist in energy management, offers integrated solutions to help customers make energy safer, more reliable, efficient and productive. In this area, you’ll find our extensive range of solutions, suitable for high, medium and low voltage applications. Designed for the distribution, protection, control and management of electrical systems, our products can be found around the world, helping individuals and organisations to make the most of their energy.


                                              NEW family members of PowerLogic IEM3000 series

                                              PowerLogic IEM3000 series

                                              Integrating energy metering into your building just got easier with the newest Acti 9 iEM3000 series meters: the iEM3300 models have native support for BACnet, M-bus, LON or Modbus protocols and direct connection in 125 A circuits.

                                              Modbus comm module Promotion

                                              Micrologic E, P or H

                                              From 1st July, for every Micrologic E, P or H Control Unit fitted to a Masterpact NT or NW ACB, the Modbus communication module, Branch Current Monitor Universal Logic Plug (BCM ULP) will be supplied FREE OF CHARGE* (average list price £385).


                                              Power Outage Insight Solution (POIS)

                                              Power Outage Insight Solution (POIS)

                                              Power outage insight solution, provides easier and more efficient power management of electrical installation. It is designed to prevent electrical crisis situations from occurring and help restore power when they do occur.

                                              Ready to Install catalogue

                                              RTI Catalogue

                                              Keep up to date with our latest Ready to Install catalogue featuring distribution, protection, control and management of electrical systems, into one complete handbook.

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                                              Discover more 

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                                              Schneider Electric Training
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                                              Substitution Tool

                                              Substitution Tool

                                              Alternative and replaced products are available for cancelled references during last 25 years.


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