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Automation and Control

                                                Zelio Logic -  Programmable relays

                                                Step into an intuitive world!

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                                                Smart relays - Zelio Logic

                                                Simple to select, install and programme, Zelio Logic is suitable for all your applications.
                                                Flexible, it offers you the choice of 2 ranges - Compact, monobloc or Modular, extendable - and 2 programming languages (FBD or LADDER).
                                                Open, it also enables the control and monitoring of your installations in any situation, either on site or remotely...


                                                • BuildIndustry: control systems for small machines, decentralized control systems on equipment annexed to large and medium-sized machines
                                                • Building/Service sector: lighting management, access control, control and monitoring, heating and air conditioning control

                                                Smart relays for simple control systems from 10 to 40 I/O

                                                Compact range: 3 monobloc models with 10, 12 or 20 I/O and versions available with or without display and buttons.
                                                Modular range: 2 bases with 10 or 26 I/O that can be extended using:
                                                • Modbus or Ethernet communication extension modules
                                                • 6, 10 or 14 discrete I/O and 4 analogue I/O extension modules.
                                                Extreme compactness: up to 26 I/O within 124.6 x 90 x 59 mm.
                                                Supply voltage of bases: 12 V DC, 24 V DC, 24 V AC, 100... 240 V AC.
                                                Large back-lit LCD display: 4 lines of 18 characters and 1 line of icons, contextual navigation using 6 buttons.
                                                Serial or USB connecting cables for smart relay/PC connection.
                                                Connection interface (smart relay/PC) for Bluetooth wireless connection.
                                                Zelio Soft 2 intuitive programming software: programming using:
                                                • function block diagram (FBD): 32 pre-programmed functions, 7 Grafcet functions, 6 logic functions
                                                • contact language (LADDER): 12 pre-programmed functions.
                                                Safe programming: coherence test, simulation and monitoring modes, supervision window...
                                                Remote monitoring and control of installations using Modem Communication Interface (Analogue or GSM).

                                                Modem communication interface



                                                Zelio Soft 2 intuitive software

                                                Step into an intuitive world!