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Automation and Control

                                          TeSys GS -  Fuse disconnects and isolation components

                                          For reliable protection and disconnection in complete safety

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                                          Fuse disconnector switches   - TeSys GS

                                          Fuse protection is a reliable and effective solution to protect your low voltage equipment against short-circuits that can cause considerable damage to your installations and generate risk for equipment and personnel, as well as loss of valuable production.


                                          Industry, infrastructures, building, etc:

                                          • They provide on-load breaking and making, safety disconnection and overload protection of all low voltage electrical circuits.
                                          • They are particularly suited for the protection and switching of the incoming main circuits to electrical panels, including the emergency stop.

                                          Fused isolator switches from 32 to 1250 A

                                          • For NFC or DIN, BS, UL type fuses
                                          • 3 or 4-pole
                                          • For direct operator, external front-mounted and RH side-mounted operators, external LH side-mounted operator
                                          • Robust and compact handles : padlockable using up to 3 padlocks, lockable, with door interlock, black/grey or yellow/red, IP65 or IP55
                                          • Auxiliary contacts:
                                            » Two early break and “O” and “I” position signalling auxiliary contacts, configurable and common throughout the range (GS1AM110 and GS1AM101)
                                            » Auxiliary contacts GS1AN suitable for isolation. Reversibility of these contacts to convert a N/C contact to a N/O contact and vice versa
                                            » Off-load control circuit test facility, with auxiliary contacts GS1AM110, GS1AM101 or GS1ANT used in conjunction with handles GS2AHT
                                            » Auxiliary “blown fuse” signalling contacts.

                                          For reliable protection and disconnection in complete safety