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Automation and Control

                                            Human Machine Interface

                                            Human Machine Interface (HMI) equipment provides a control and visualisation interface between a human and a process, machine, application or appliance. HMIs allow us to control, monitor, diagnose and manage our application.HMI equipment from Schneider Electric spans from simple text displays, graphical operator panels, touchscreens, industrialised PCs (iPC), Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) and web-based HMI Solutions.

                                            Alphanumeric, semi-graphic small HMI

                                            Alphanumeric, semi-graphic small HMI Magelis HMI (XBT-N, R, RT) - Range of low-cost compact text and (semi- graphic) displays with serial connectivity

                                            Entry level Graphic Touch HMI

                                            Entry level Graphic Touch HMILow cost, compact, touch and Graphic entry level CPU with multiprotocols and innovative mounting. STO: 3.4” Monochrome screen with tool free spring clip mounting. STU: 3.5” coloured TFT, Ethernet with push button mounting.

                                            Graphic touchscreen HMI

                                            Graphic touchscreen HMIMagelis HMI (XBTGT, GK, GTW) - from 3.8" to 15" in touchscreen, and up to 10.4" in keypad format with serial, network and Ethernet connectivity.

                                            Industrial PC

                                            Industrial PCAn extension of dedicated terminals and the industrial PC, Magelis Smart is open to the Web. It meets the demands of predefined operator dialog, display and remote diagnostics.

                                            HMI Controller

                                            HMI ControllerHuman Machine Interface with controllers that are easy to design, set up and upgrade by single SoMachine software

                                            HMI, SCADA and Historian software

                                            HMI, SCADA and Historian softwareA software range to cover your needs of Magelis HMI application design: Vijeo Designer Lite for compact displays, Vijeo Designer for graphic terminals and iPC.