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Human Machine Interface

Dialogue easily with your machines

Magelis powered by Vijeo Designer, a complete range to monitor and control your machines


Connect to your HMI from wherever you are

Stay connected with Vijeo Design’Air, the new application for tablets and smart phones. It enables you to remotely connect to a Magelis HMI terminal over a WiFi network and have a graphical view of the HMI terminal on your tablet and smartphone.

Vijeo Design’Air enables you to connect to your HMI remotely for an interactive mirrorview of your application.

Vijeo Design’Air Plus enable you to get a fully operable view of your application from wherever you are.

> Vijeo Design'Air and Vijeo Design'Air Plus app

The innovative small controller that saves time, space and cost.


Optimised terminal without compromise on performances.


USB tower light
USB biometric switch
USB illuminated switch.
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