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                The invention of the first contactor


                When the switch became automated...

                It’s hard to believe but before the contactor was invented, switching on an electrical load was not automatic. Imagine having to manually switch on motors in applications such as heating, foundry and industry?
                The invention of the contactor in 1924 by Telemecanique, now Schneider Electric, meant for the first time this could now be automated and with it came improved safety for workers.

                After André Blanchet filed a patent for the first bar contactor, the company began producing 40 A contactors, timers, distribution boxes, pushbuttons, stop contacts and relays. They quickly expanded the business to become a leading specialist in industrial control and automation.

                The last 90 years has seen continuous innovation...

                Invention of the first contactor



                With safety at the heart, Schneider Electric has continued to innovate with not only the introduction of finger safe terminals but influencing the safety standards for contactors too.

                Over the years the contactor has evolved to the present day, the unique TeSys U offering multiple functions in one device. Everlink, unique to us, is enhanced with many safety features such as well shrouded terminals and the elimination of ‘copper creep’ that can lead to terminals loosening and dangerous over-heating.

                TeSys is the market leading motor starting and power switching product. 90 years of evolution and innovation has resulted in a wide choice of products, providing customers with a perfect solution for any application.

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