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                                  10 functions to define the IEC 61439-1&2 standard


                                  All the verifications proposed by standard IEC 61439 contribute to the achievement of 3 basic goals and 10 functions :
                                  > The 5 Safety functions
                                  > The 2 Continuity of service functions
                                  > The 3 Compliance with end-user requirements functions

                                  10 functions to define the new IEC standard 61439-1&2 : the 2 continuity of service functions 2 Continuity of Service functions

                                   Maintenance and modification compatibility
                                   Needs & design requirements Design verification Routine verification
                                  Capability to preserve continuity of supply without impairing safety during Assembly maintenance or modification.Through basic and fault protection and optional removable parts.
                                  • IP tests
                                  • Mechanical operation tests (especially for removable parts)
                                  • Effectiveness of mechanical actuating elements
                                  • Check protection of persons against electric shocks
                                   Electro-Magnetic Compatibility
                                  Needs & design requirements Design verification Routine verification

                                  Properly function and avoid generation of EMC disturbances by incorporating electronic devices complying with the relevant EMC standard, and their correct installation.

                                  • EMC tests according to product standards or generic EMC standards


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