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                                                                  Electrical Installation Guide

                                                                  According to IEC 60364

                                                                  • Design engineers of electrical design offices will find in the Electrical Installation Guide all they need to define an industrial, tertiary or domestic electrical installation.
                                                                  • From general advice to principle schemes, they will be guided step by step through the electrical design process according to IEC 60364. Updated 12/2005, 400 pages.
                                                                  • Electricity is one of the two core businesses of Schneider Electric.You can rely on this technical information provided by our best electrical distribution specialists.

                                                                  Some of the featured information:

                                                                  • General rules of electrical installation design
                                                                  • Connection to the MV utility distribution network
                                                                  • Connection to the LV utility distribution network
                                                                  • MV & LV architecture selection guide
                                                                  • LV Distribution
                                                                  • Protection against electric shocks
                                                                  • Sizing and protection of conductors
                                                                  • LV switchgear: functions & selection
                                                                  • Protection against voltage surges in LV
                                                                  • Energy Efficiency in electrical distribution
                                                                  • Power factor correction and harmonic filtering
                                                                  • Harmonic management
                                                                  • Characteristics of particular sources and loads
                                                                  • Residential and other special locations
                                                                  • EMC guidelines
                                                                  To know more

                                                                  To know more 

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