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                                                                  Launching: let’s discover our new products!

                                                                  New Schneider Electric’s products. This page contains technical information and pictures to keep you informed about our next tender.

                                                                  TeSys Innovative and intuitive solutions to protect, monitor and control


                                                                  The TeSys range is suitable for motor and power applications.

                                                                  TeSys offers all the best in class features you need for protection, safety, monitoring and control. TeSys provides you all kind of solutions from the most universal to the most advanced. Wherever you are in the world and whichever TeSys products you choose, you will get the reliability, standards-compatibilty and ease of ordering and installing.

                                                                  > Learn more about our TeSys range

                                                                  PS100: backup power supply for MV substations

                                                                  Picture of the PS 100 product 

                                                                  The PS100 associated with the back-up battery ensures the interrupted power supply up to 48 hours in the event of micro-outage and power interruptions for :

                                                                  • MV switchgear electrical mechanism ( motors and coils)
                                                                  • Transmission equipment ( e.g radio)
                                                                  • Protections relays , Fault passage indicators or other IEDs
                                                                  • And all others devices in MV/LV substations ( LV breakers, PLC concentrator)

                                                                  Tesys rotary handle:

                                                                    The new generation of Tesys rotary handles, for Tesys GV2 and GV3 circuit-breakers and Tesys U starters - Safety and simplicity at hand’s reach!
                                                                  > Read our brochure about Tesys Rotary Handle (PDF file, 251 Kb)

                                                                  More information about:


                                                                  Okken 70 – M:


                                                                  Okken 70-M , the compact and powerful cubicle to satisfy the motor control needs of the most demanding processes.


                                                                  > More information about Okken 70 – M (PDF file, 60 kb) 

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                                                                  To know more 

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