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                                                                How to access circuit breaker information from your PC?


                                                                The technical and management departments of industrial and tertiary plants need all the information
                                                                available from the equipment and key points on the electrical network, in order to:

                                                                • Reduce energy-related costs,
                                                                • Avoid outage times,
                                                                • Optimise equipment operation.

                                                                The electrical network data can in fact be recovered and stored by connecting the circuit breaker to the
                                                                Ethernet network. Energy supervision software is then used to monitor, in real time, the status of the
                                                                network, the quality of the energy and the reliability of the supply, in order to be able to react quickly in
                                                                the event of an alert and prevent
                                                                critical situations.

                                                                Accessing circuit breaker information from the PC

                                                                Circuit breaker information can be accessed over the Ethernetnetwork already installed in the building. The circuit breaker is connected to a Modbus interface module (IFM), which is itself connected to an Ethernet gateway. The circuit breaker information can then be accessed from a PC connected to the network via the Ethernet port.

                                                                The circuit breaker, fitted with an electronic trip unit with energy measurement, provides the following information: the circuit breaker states (open, closed, tripped); the measurements: (I, V, f, P, E, THD, etc.) with associated mini meters and maximeters; operating assistance information (trip history, maintenance indicator, timestamped events, etc.).


                                                                When the different products (IFM, EGX, PC) have been configured, the various application software programs can be used to process the information received from the circuit breaker. RCU is a software program that can be downloaded from and used to view the information received from the circuit breaker.

                                                                Powerview is a software program that is used to view and edit reports. ION-Enterprise is a software program that is used to view and edit reports and provide an in-depth analysis of the electrical measurements. It is a solution that is simple to implement.

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                                                                How to access circuit breaker information From your PC?


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