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                                                                Optimizing the monitoring of your electrical switchboards


                                                                Customer’s requirements
                                                                System view: all the information should be available in one place on the electrical switchboard, which greatly simplifies the job of the operating and maintenance teams.
                                                                Energy consumption monitoring: the energy consumption information should be available for each feeder: present consumption, consumption for the last three months together with the trend, prediction for the current month.
                                                                Alarm management: it should be possible to obtain the alarms from each circuit breaker in an easily understood format, together with the date and location


                                                                Schneider Electric’s solution
                                                                An interactive switchboard display connected to the Compact NSX and Masterpact NT and NW circuit breakers, consisting of a colour touch screen and its dedicated on-board software. Thanks to its new Compact NSX range and to its Masterpact NT and NW ranges, Schneider Electric can provide information on all the LV power distribution, from 40A up to 6300A.




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                                                                Application on Optimizing the monitoring of your electrical switchboards


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