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                                                                HVAC control

                                                                Reduce your electrical consumption by controlling your HVAC systems motors


                                                                Main drivers

                                                                “I want to reduce the amount of electricity my HVAC system uses by installing the most relevant control devices.”

                                                                Solution in brief

                                                                Install TeSys U starter-controllers to protect and control constant-load motors and ATV  variable speed drives to control variable-load motors


                                                                Solution applicable to medium to large size buildings.


                                                                Designed for constant loads, TeSys U intelligent starter controllers offer control, protection, and measurement functions. When you install TeSys U units, you generate indirect savings by detecting abnormal operation and taking the appropriate corrective measures, and direct savings through
                                                                lower consumption of the control and protection equipment.
                                                                TeSys U electronics are designed to cut consumption four-fold as compared to traditional electro-mechanical solutions.
                                                                TeSys U offers protection while constantly measuring motor current so that the following information can be transmitted via the communication module (Modbus, CanOpen, Profibus, DeviceNet, AsI, or Advantys STB) or by direct display via the multifunction control unit:


                                                                • Operating faults, so that corrective measures can be taken quickly
                                                                • Overheating, to avoid breakdowns
                                                                  Designed for variable loads, ATV variable speed drives ensure that consumption is scaled to match motor needs at all times. Variable speed drives generate significant direct savings over direct-start motors

                                                                Benefits for End Users

                                                                Reduce electrical consumption by 20% for variable loads
                                                                > Reduce electrical consumption of the protection and control system by 75% for constant loads
                                                                > Save up to 20% space due to TeSys U compact unit size
                                                                > Lower the amount of heat generated by TeSys U motor start-up by upping devices to 75%, reducing the need for cooling fans in the enclosure
                                                                > ROI in under two years

                                                                Benefits for professionals

                                                                + Design
                                                                • Simple, innovative solution
                                                                • TeSys U: fewer part numbers due to modular base with plug-and-play option for easy preparation,
                                                                selection, and ordering
                                                                + Installation
                                                                • Easy upgrades: during installation, each motor can be adjusted to nominal speed; TeSys U can be easily customised without tools or wiring
                                                                • Save time: with TeSys U there is no need for wiring between the contactor and the circuit breaker; it is easy to integrate into the HVAC system via RJ45 Modbus connectors
                                                                + Maintenance
                                                                • Plug-and-play makes changing the control unit faster and easier, minimising downtime
                                                                • Access motor settings (heat, overloads, breakdown log) at all times to better avoid breakdowns
                                                                • TeSys U: highly modular design reduces spare parts stock tenfold



                                                                To know more

                                                                To know more 

                                                                Additional support

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                                                                Application to reduce electrical consumption


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