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                                                                How to shed non-priority loads with a Compact NSX circuit breaker?

                                                                Equipment, diagrams and configurations required for the load-shedding function



                                                                Load-shedding is one of the active energy efficiency actions.
                                                                Load-shedding, i.e. preventing some non-priority loads from being supplied during a certain period of time, can
                                                                be used to supply power to an entire electrical installation by subscribing to the most appropriate contract
                                                                possible with the electricity distributor, thereby saving money.
                                                                The advantages of energy efficiency are:

                                                                • lower consumption
                                                                • cost optimisation
                                                                • improved availability
                                                                  Nowadays, this involves all the energy consumers: industries, buildings, shops or individuals.

                                                                Load-shedding is used to:

                                                                • prevent overload tripping: if the load approaches the maximum load threshold, a load-shedding order on
                                                                  previously selected loads will prevent a general power failure throughout the installation (improved availability)
                                                                • subscribe to a lower level contract, whilst still guaranteeing that all the devices operate correctly
                                                                • carry the consumption forward to an off-peak tariff period (cost optimisation).

                                                                Two load-shedding solutions are provided:

                                                                • "reflex" load-shedding via a local order
                                                                • "centralised" load-shedding via a remote order


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                                                                Application on how to shed non-priority loads


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