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            EcoXpert Programme

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            EcoXpert(TM) programme

            What is the EcoXpert Programme?

            As part of our vision to offer industry-leading products and services, Schneider Electric is building a network of certified professionals capable of expertly delivering a wide range of energy efficiency solutions.

            This exclusive network of EcoXperts will gain access to dedicated, continuous training and be provided with specialised technical and commercial support as part of our commitment to our elite partners. Explore this area more and discover why the EcoXpert programme is a perfect solution for you.


            Become an EcoXpert

            Become an EcoXpert

            With global focus, significant investment and dedicated personnel, the EcoXpert programme is now the ideal way for you to grow your business and deliver leading solutions to your customers.

            As an EcoXpert you gain access to the following benefits:

            • Our marketing resources, knowledge and experience to help you sell
            • Endorsement from Schneider Electric
            • More direct tech support access
            • Further training and development
            • Tested, validated & documented solutions
            • A dedicated Channel Manager
            • Demand generation through opportunity sharing

            If you have the desire to work with us, apply for accreditation and become a certified EcoXpert.

            Employ an EcoXpert

            Employ an EcoXpert

            Schneider Electric EcoXperts have an extensive skill set and are true specialists in their chosen fields. With their vast knowledge and capabilities, combined with support and public endorsement from Schneider Electric, you can expect the following when you engage with an EcoXpert:

            • Elite technical knowledge
            • First-class ability
            • Excellent consultation
            • Strong comfort and familiarisation with Schneider Electric offers
            • A professional approach
            • An expertly delivered solution

            With broad technical and commercial expertise, coupled with the backing from Schneider Electric and our commitment to continually support and develop, a certified EcoXpert is the right choice for you.

            To know more

            To know more 

            Additional support

            Contact Schneider Electric

            EcoXpert Partner Portal

            EcoXpert Partner Portal

            Locate an EcoXpert

            Locate an EcoXpert

            Case Study


            Discover which EcoXpert is the perfect fit for you


            Critical Power EcoXpert

            Connected Power EcoXperts

            Light & Room Control EcoXperts

            Critical Power EcoXperts are specialists in power monitoring software and high-accuracy metering.

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            Connected Power EcoXperts are specialists in all aspects of connected power.

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            Light & Room Control EcoXperts are specialists in lighting and room control

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