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          Lighting and lighting control

          Provide indoor and outdoor control for your lighting with PIR and occupancy sensors


          Main drivers

          I need to provide localised lighting control both inside and outside a building which will give the occupiers energy saving benefits, safety and security.

          Solution in brief

          Individual devices are used to control light sources to avoid lights being left on, and provide security at night.

          Occupancy sensors provide a useful means of control across a wide range of applications

          • Suitable for use indoor or outdoors depending upon the application.
          • A wide range of lighting types can be controlled making them versatile.
          • A range of devices for both indoor and outdoor applications to control lighting,
          • Dual load option enabling separate loads to be controlled from one device.
          • Wall mounted PIRs provide lighting control in stairwells, rooms and corridors.
          • External devices provide up to 360° surveillance with a 12m detection range.
          • Remote control option provides extra convenience during set up.
          • Can be used individually in line with other sensors for even greater control.

          Benefits for end users

          • Provides energy efficient solutions to both indoor and outdoor lighting applications - Avoids lights being left on unnecessarily.
          • Provides added security and peace of mind when controlling outdoor lighting

          Benefits for professionals

          • Simple to install
          • High quality components ensure long life and continuous performance.




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