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          Power distribution

          Shed non-priority loads Automatically


          Main drivers

          I want to optimise my energy usage. I can shed non-critical loads to make sure I stay within my utility tariff, but I can’t afford sudden power cuts.

          Solution in brief

          Design your electrical system around Compact NSX circuit breakers

          Compact NSX circuit breakers allow you to manage reflex load shedding: the automatic shedding of specific loads.


          The Compact NSX circuit breaker with integrated Micrologic 5.2 E electronic trip unit sends the reflex load shedding command. The trip unit measures I, V, P and E, and produces the appropriate alarms. Each alarm is associated with a load shedding trigger setting and a deactivation setting, each with time delay. The reflex load shedding order is sent via the Compact NSX circuit breaker’s SDx output module.

            PT: Pick-up threshold
          PD: Pick-up time delay
          DT: Drop-out threshold
          DD: Drop-out time delay
          Alarm: activation zone (in blue)
          Each alarm is associated with a load-shedding trigger setting and a deactivation setting.

          Benefits for end users

          > Save up to 10% off your energy bills
          Subscribe to a more cost-effective utility contract and avoid costly utility rate-block overrun penalties

          > Get the most out of your investment and enjoy greater reliability with the Compact NSX circuit breaker, integrating both protection and measurement capabilities

          > Increase power availability by preventing overload tripping
          Each alarm is associated with a load-shedding trigger setting and a deactivation setting.

          Benefits for professionals

          • Easy design and use
          • Limited part numbers for easy selection and ordering
          • No need for a current transformer
          • Easy installation and maintenance
          • A single reference for the SDx output module
          • Easy configuration via user-friendly RSU* software, your PC and a maintenance module—available on order as part of the maintenance kit
          • Easy testing using the LSU* software, your PC, and the maintenance module

          Solution architecture


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