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          Power distribution

          Permanent monitoring of energy consumed for lighting and power


          Main drivers

          I am looking for a metering solution to comply with part L of the building regulations, with automatic meter reading and data collection.

          Solution in brief

          Metering in a building with web browser based energy monitoring   

          Install split metered 3 phase type B distribution boards for each area connected to an EGX300 web server, providing web based energy monitoring.  The split metered boards allow the user to separately meter the energy used by lighting and power and hence comply with part L. 

          Benefits for end users

          • Allows compliance with part L of the building regulations and is often the first step in implementing an energy management strategy.
          • Trending of submetered consumption data allows energy wastage to be identified and eliminated by facilities staff.

          Benefits for professionals

          • Easy of use: Single reference for easy selection and ordering
          • Easy to install: The split meters are supplied already wired and configured to match the current transformer.



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