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          Energy Monitoring

          Meet essential energy measurement needs with a simple metering solution


          Main drivers

          "I need a basic energy measurement system that allows me to identify areas where corrective actions could help decrease my building’s energy usage."

          Solution in brief

          Install digital kilowatt-hour meters on selected loads


          The solution is based on simple digital kilowatt-hour meters to track energy consumption. Users simply access consumption information to identify the leading sources of over consumption for each area of the building.


          These cost-effective pulse meters are designed for sub-metering of active energy consumed by a single phase or three-phase electric circuit with or without distributed neutral. Direct measurement up to 40/63 A is possible. Above 63A, a current transformer must be used. The meters can be connected to a PC or PLC for analysis and reporting.

          Benefits for End Users

          • Metering can reduce energy consumption by up to 10% by raising users’ awareness of consumption habits
          • Easiest way to start tracking consumption
          • Can be used for sub-billing and cost allocation

          Benefits for professionals

          • Easy to install, even in existing buildings
          • Easy to wire: no current transformer to install
          • Small size for easy installation on compact switchboards
          • Remote measurement possible
          • The bottom-bottom connection of current inputs facilitates connection to circuit breakers
          • A pulse output can be used to manage a set of meters remotely



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