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          Energy monitoring

          Get essential electrical information for each area of your building


          Main drivers:

          “As facility management contractor, I need a system that can gather, track, and clearly display electrical information for different areas of my building.”

          Solution in brief:

          Install meters to send information to a PC equipped with PowerView consumption-tracking software

          PowerView software is one of the easiest ways to improve a building’s energy efficiency. It is also the perfect foundation for upgrading to more sophisticated systems later on.

          The easy-to-use interface displays measurements and the associated curves in real time. Both PM9c and more advanced PM710 meters use a RS485 Modbus protocol.

          An EGX100 gateway converts Modbus into Ethernet TCP IP protocol.

          Benefits for End Users:

          • Savings of up to 10% with ROI within the first year
          • Individual metering raises occupants’ awareness of consumption
          • Power is switched off immediately to unoccupied areas to keep consumption on track
          • Power factor is adjusted to ensure optimal efficiency and reduce power-factor-related penalties

          Benefits for professionals:

          • Available as a power-meters-plus-software bundle
          • PowerView software is easy to use
          • PM9c, PM710 and EGX100 meters suitable for LV switchboard installation
          • DIN-rail-mounted PM9c and EGX100 suitable for renovation projects
          • PM710 meters same size as old analog ammeters or voltmeters for door mounting
          • Factory-calibrated PM9c meters leave just a few settings to be selected on site
          • Automatic identification of any new Schneider Electric meter installed, for fast and easy upgrades



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