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            Energy efficiency solutions for buildings

            Meeting today’s challenges with tomorrow’s solutions



            Schneider Electric energy-efficiency solutions provide you with a comprehensive offering designed to meet your customers’ changing needs and boost your sales. When you sell Schneider Electric energy efficiency solutions, you add a new environmental dimension to your technical offering, and become your customers’ trusted energy efficiency expert.

            Offer your customers the added value they demand

            • Innovative solutions with measurable results
            • Substantial energy savings
              • Up to 30% energy savings for existing buildings
              • The capacity to contribute to meeting Kyoto targets for new buildings
              • Lower operating costs
            • Recommendations to help your customers comply with regulations and increase the value of their property
            • Measures to enhance your customers’ environmentally-friendly image and further their Corporate Social Responsibility strategy

            Save energy and stay on budget

            • Start with measurement solutions for quick—often immediate—and measurable return on investment
            • Offer your customers the right solutions for their budget:
              • Without compromising between energy efficiency and budget restrictions
              • By offering innovations at a fixed cost
              • By promoting incentives for which your customers are eligible
            • Present compelling proof of the expected savings to your customers.
            To know more

            To know more 

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