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          Lighting control

          Achieve simple lighting control using natural light and building occupation


          Main drivers:

          I want to reduce the amount of energy used by my building’s lighting by taking advantage of natural light in corridors and areas with large windows. Most importantly, I want to keep lights from being left on all weekend!

          Solution in brief:

          Simple lighting control

          A controller is programmed with each area’s occupation patterns. A light sensor allows the lights to be switched on, via the controller, when natural light levels are too low. The system is flexible enough to allow occupants to override the restriction, switching lights on for short periods of time as needed.

          Each area is outfitted with the usual light fixtures and push-button on/off switches, and is powered by an electrical circuit controlled by an impulse relay that receives commands from a controller.

          The controller also includes digital inputs from one or more twilight switches that constantly measure natural light levels. Depending on the configuration, the controller can either automatically switch lights on in a given area, depending on time of day, or periodically send lights-off commands when natural light is high, or when the programmed occupation time is over. Flexible programming ensures an optimal balance between energy savings and user comfort.

          Benefits for End Users:

          • Save 10% off lighting costs, one of the top three sources of electrical consumption
          • Easy-to-control, independent system does not affect other building systems

          Benefits for professionals:

          • Fully-configurable for a variety of building occupation situations
          • Installation - Offer the added value of automation
          • Impulse relays work with standard wiring
          • Maintenance - Easy-to-maintain traditional architecture



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          To know more 

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