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                              Sales and marketing

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                              Distributor Network Sales Director

                              What does your job entail?

                              I’m in charge of expanding our sales network of distributors in Sao Paulo state, which covers 248,000km2. I ensure a fair pricing policy among them in order to minimise competition and improve our sales margins. I also manage product distribution.

                              How do you make the most of your distribution network?

                              I work with a team of four sales representatives dedicated to direct contact with distributors and four promoters, who specialise in liaising with the end user. We also work as a team with the distributors to offer them training courses and inventory management assistance.

                              What drives you to meet your goals?

                              It's certainly a very fast-paced job. We are always facing new challenges and the company inspires me to meet them. Schneider Electric really motivates everyone. I'm only 34, and for me it's very exciting to see how enthusiastic my team is, and to know how much they trust me.

                              What insight can you offer applicants?

                              At Schneider Electric there is a lot of teamwork, respect and commitment in every department and at every level. The company makes developing and training its employees a top priority, to help everyone grow and improve.

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