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                                          C-Matic is now Schneider Electric

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                                          C-Matic Systems, one of the UK’s leading systems integrators, is now part of Schneider Electric. We design and supply advanced electronic instrumentation systems for power and energy management.  We are a leading supplier of Power & Energy management systems that provide power performance planning, energy monitoring and targeting, power reliability, quality analysis and control of electrical distribution networks.

                                          If electrical utility usage, distribution planning and power quality are important to your business, we can provide you  with a bespoke solution in order for you to make the most of your energy.


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                                          History of C-Matic

                                          Established in 1975 C-Matic Systems Ltd is now Schneider Electric following the acquisition in June 2011.

                                          A leader in the provision and integration of power monitoring, measurement and control systems in the UK, C-Matic System’s solutions allowed their customers to continuously monitor the power supply to their key facilities and in the event of power failure or poor power quality automatically switch to back-up supplies. Data collected from the systems can be reported in powerful dashboards showing usage and trends to guide actions to reduce energy consumption, lower carbon emissions and comply with regulations such as the Energy Performance of Buildings Legislation.

                                          C-Matic Systems employs experts in the design, execution and commissioning of their systems and has realised projects for many blue chip clients in diverse sectors such as finance, data centres, hospitals, education and commercial buildings. Their solutions supervise security of power supply for their customers’ most critical installations supported by their remote online and field services.

                                          Providing power management solutions based on Schneider Electric’s ION and Powerlogic meters as well as control provided by the customer’s favoured PLC. The company developed its own range of single phase monitoring products as well as bespoke reporting software.

                                          They are based in Crowborough to the south of London and will be managed as part of our Energy & Sustainability Services  entity.

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