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    Emergency Shutdown Systems (ESD)

    A Triconex safety solution to detect potentially hazardous conditions, shut down the plant and prevent unsafe incidents.

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Prevent hazardous situations from causing unsafe incidents

A vital layer of protection, an emergency shutdown system is key for providing safe operations. If hazardous conditions occur, immediate action must be taken. Shutting down the facility to a safe state protects personnel, the environment, and the asset.
  • Emergency shutdown systems you can rely on

    As the world’s leading process safety brand, Triconex solutions combine safety-certified products with professional expertise. They’re the ideal answer for your emergency shutdown needs. Schneider Electric is the world’s leading supplier of triple modular redundant (TMR) safety systems, with over 18,000 Triconex solutions operating safely for more than 1 billion hours.

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    • Benefits

      Provide SIL 3 ESD safety protection for safer operations — ensuring fail-safe performance of controllers for energize-to-trip and de-energize-to-trip applications
      Maximize production output and asset uptime — providing high-availability architecture, fault-tolerant operation and online module replacement
      Deliver superior total value of ownership — avoiding spurious trips and detecting faults before they occur
      Reduce investment and life cycle costs — using the same platform for multiple applications
      Extend asset operational life — making online modifications and changes without halting operations
    • Advantages

      Designed and engineered for optimum flexibility — choice of form factors, termination options, centralized and distributed architecture
      Inherent diagnostics, redundancy management and error checking — no user programming required
      Continuous operation — high-availability, fail-safe, and fault-tolerant architecture, hot spare slot, online modifications, built-in changes and module replacements
      Universal connectivity with all major process automation systems — integrated, interfaced or separate options available
      Support for all applications — emergency shutdown (ESD), fire and gas (F&G), burner management systems (BMS), high integrity pressure protection solutions (HIPPS), turbomachinery control (TMC)
    Industrial workers working on some equipment, water management, Industrial production.

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