• A man squatting in front of a server console with his laptop.
    Traditional, Converged, Hyper-Converged or Composable

    Physical Infrastructure for every IT Architecture

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    Bigger isn't always better. With everything from racks, to PDUs to management software, APC by Schneider Electric can turn any space into an IT environment.

    A man squatting in front of a server console with his laptop.
    Two men looking at laptop computer in a network data center


    Today there are more choices than ever when deciding on the appropriate IT and physical infrastructure to support your applications and services, whether hybrid, on or off premise

    Why work with Schneider Electric

    • Default Alternative Text Your Parnter You need to partner with a company with the largest portfolio of physical infrastructure solutions, services, and software integration; whether your IT architecture is traditional, converged, hyper-converged or composable.
    • Default Alternative Text Your Integration You need to easily integrate your IT systems with your physical infrastructure solutions: power, cooling, racks, management, security, to deliver real time information that allows you to automate and orchestrate software defined functionality.


    • Default Alternative Text IT Architecture / Configurations